image of sushi one of the foods available at the Best Cheap Eats Places and Restaurants in Vancouver

Best Cheap Eats Places and Restaurants in Vancouver

Vancouver’s sights will satisfy your appetite to explore and the bevy of cheap eats places will satisfy your hunger for great deals on food.

4 Affordable Vancouver Hotels

The Kingston Hotel, 73% Approval Rating on TripAdvisor.

YMCA Hotel Vancouver, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner.

Delta Vancouver Airport, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner.

Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Airport, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner.

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Check Groupon for Deals on Vancouver Restaurants

image of Groupon one of the ways to save when you are planning a cheap vacationHungry for great food at a great price? One place to start is by perusing the latest Vancouver food and drink deals on Groupon, the money-saving website that features local discounts in 150 cities.

Visit the Vancouver “Food & Drink” Groupon page and you’ll find savings from 40% and up on breakfast, lunch and dinner spots.

The Vancouver “Food & Drink” Groupon page is a smart place to check out when you’re first planning your trip and even when you’re in the middle of your Vancouver visit because new deals get added weekly and even daily many times.

Start me off with a cheap breakfast

Set the tone for a thrifty day of exploring and sightseeing in Vancouver by fueling up at a cheap eats breakfast place.

Here are some of the city’s best restaurants for a traditional breakfast of two eggs; three pieces of bacon, sausage or ham; two slices of toast and pan fried potatoes at a great price:

Economical Entrees

If you’re looking for a cheap eats sit down place in Vancouver that serves up food at a price that won’t make you fall off your seat, head over to The Famous Warehouse.

Every item on the menu is $4.95! And the menu has something for everyone too—burgers, tacos, club sandwiches and more.

The Storm Crow Tavern offers up great, cheap variety. Most items on the menu—everything from appetizers, soups & salads, entrees and desserts–are from $6-$8.

Super Savings on Sushi

Being so close to the ocean and breathing in all that sea air, who can blame you if you get a craving for sushi. And who can blame you if you prefer your sushi on the cheap.

Here are some of the best places in Vancouver.

Sakuranbo Sushi lets you choose any five items for just $8.

Another place that offers up fast, cheap sushi is QQ Sushi. If you’re starving you can snap up 19 huge pieces for just $6 bucks. A bento box is only $6.50.

A third option to satisfy your hunger for affordable sushi is Sushi King House.

Big portions are the order of the day here—their California rolls are twice as big as what you’d get somewhere else—but the prices are small, their lunch boxes are only $7-$8.50.

Cheap, Cheap Wings

There are almost as many cheap chicken wing places in Vancouver as there are sushi spots. In fact there are so many bars and restaurants offering discount wings each week, that there’s a cheap chicken wing calendar.

A couple of noteworthy spots for wings include The Academic Public House, where on Wednesdays you can get a pound of wings for just $4.

Another Wednesday option for chicken wings is The Famous Warehouse, where all day and all night they serve up 15 cent wings.

Pizza at a very palatable price

When you’re busy touring the city, sometimes you just want to stop for a quick bite or grab something you can eat on the go. Nothing fits the bill better than a slice of pizza—even better when it is served up cheap.

Papa’s Gourmet Pizza speaks right to a thrifty tourist’s heart with their pizza priced at $1.75 a slice.

At Uncle Fatih’s Pizza you can get yourself a slice for only $2.

Feeling a little hungrier? How about two slices for $2.25 at Megabite Pizza.

And if you prefer New York-style pizza, head over to Nat’s New York Pizzeria, where a slice is $3-$4.

Where can I get a cheap burrito in this town?

You asked, and we respond.

If it’s an affordable taste of Mexico you have a hankering for Budgie Burritos will hit the spot.

Not only does this restaurant’s menu feature a variety of budget-friendly burritos to choose from ($8 or less) they also serve up tacos (2 for $6) and quesadillas ($6).

Thirsting for affordable drinks?

If you have the need to whet your whistle, Vancouver is home to some great cheap drink deals.

If it’s beer you seek, here are a few places and restaurants to put on your radar.

Every Tuesday at The Academic Public House beer is just $2.

On Tuesdays and Thursday, you can order up a draft beer at The Backstage Lounge for $2.25.

If you prefer your beer with grub, you can grab a beer and a burger on Thursdays for only $8 at The Academic Public House or head over to the Red Card Sports Bar on a Tuesday and you can scarf and gulp down a pizza and a beer for only $10.

If you looking for more upscale libations, at an affordable price of course, how about meeting for $5 martinis at the Red Card Sports Bar on Thursday?

Or stop by The Academic Public House on a Friday between 9:00 P.M. and closing and enjoy a drink for just $3.57.

If you’re not too good at keeping a calendar, no worries, The Backstage Lounge has $4 drinks every day of the week.

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