glasses of beer at one of the cheap beer spots in Toronto

Best Toronto Bars for Cheap Beer and Drinks

You’re thrifty but you’re thirsty. What to do?

No worries, your friends at have compiled a list of the best bars for cheap beer and drinks in Toronto.

Affordable Hotels in the Heart of Toronto

Bond Place Hotel , close to Dundas Square.

Hotel Victoria Downtown, excellent location.

Super 8 Downtown Toronto, comfortable and value-packed.

Holiday Inn Express Toronto – Downtown, free hot breakfast bar.

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$1.50 Drafts

It’s not a typo.

It’s the price of a frosty draft beer at the Linsmore Tavern, a bar located in a historic, but somewhat tired, hotel on Danforth Avenue.

Bottles of beer from $3-$5

Prefer your beer in a bottle?

There’s not just one best bar in Toronto for this; there are many.

Here are healthy round of watering holes that make drinking by the bottle an irresistible and inexpensive way to enjoy a brew.