image of the jane hotel one of the cheap places to stay in new york city nyc

Budget Hotels and Cheap Places to Stay in New York City (NYC)

With the average price of a hotel room for the night in New York City being $225, it’s hard not to be skeptical about your chances of finding a budget hotel in NYC.

But don’t dismay.

There are cheap places to stay in New York City that are safe, clean and, in quite a few cases, located near the action and subway line.

So how much will a Cheap Hotel in New York City Set You Back?

image of the Chelsea Savoy Hotel one of the cheap places to stay in New York City
Chelsea Savoy Hotel
Excellent Location, Great Price

Believe it or not it is possible to score yourself a budget hotel for under $200.

You can get a cheap place to stay for $150 or less, especially if you venture to New York City during the low season (January-February).

The number of people you are travelling to NYC with will also have an impact on how thrifty you can get with the price of your accommodations.

For example, it’s quite easy to find a budget hotel in New York City if you are travelling with three friends because you could book a quad room (they start at $155 at the Chelsea Savoy Hotel for example), and split the cost four ways.

Want to find a cheap place to stay in New York City that’s even less? It is possible if you don’t mind bunking down in a budget accommodations that feature small rooms– okay tiny would be a better description–like the ones available at The Jane hotel .

If all you’re looking for is a clean, comfortable place to rest your head each night, a budget hotel like this could be the ideal cheap place to stay in NYC.

Want to do a little more research…

…on cheap hotels, motels, bed and breakfast spots, hostels and places to stay in New York City? Click on the link below to explore more affordable, budget-friendly accommodation options.

Don’t forget to Check Groupon for New York Hotel Deals

image of Groupon one of the ways to save when you are planning a cheap vacation

One great way to save on New York City hotel accommodations is to peruse Groupon, the money-saving website that features local discounts in 150 cities.

Visit the New York City “Hotels” Groupon page and you’ll find savings of up to 50% on places to stay when visiting the Big Apple.

The Groupon New York City “Hotels” page is a smart place to start when you’re first planning your trip and even when you’re in the middle of your New York visit because new deals get added weekly and even daily many times.

Be thrifty and practical! This information was accurate when published, but can change without notice. We recommend you confirm all details with the provider in question before planning your excursion.

Photo Credit: The Jane hotel