a cheap winter getaway--a secluded beach in the Domincan Republic

Cheap Winter Getaway Advice & Tips — Thrifty Travel Roundup

Jack Frost has been invading Canada for a few months now and that means you’re probably starting to daydream about your next cheap, warm winter getaway.

To help you plan an affordable trip the intrepid reporters at ThriftyTourist.ca sleuthed out these five advice-packed articles.

How to Guide: Save Money when Cruising

a cruise ship one of the cheap winter getaways you can planCruise lines make most of their profits while you’re on board racking up your tab but according to Karen, from the website twothriftytravellers.com, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Karen has been on over 24 cruises.

Based on her experiences she has come up with a number of tips on how to save money when cruising. Her tips are so effective that one year when her trip was done the cruise line actually ended up owing her money!


Save Money This Winter by Travelling Off the Beaten Path

women enjoying the waters at a cheap winter getaway down southIn a winter getaway rut? In the mood to try an alternative to the usual vacation areas that come to mind?

This article from Greedyrates.ca offers some super options to consider and because these destinations are less visited ones, they are often less expensive ones too.


7 Incredible, Cheap Places to Find Winter Sun

a guy entering the water of a beach at the cheap winter getaway of Cape VerdeFeeling a little more adventurous this winter? This article from Hostelworld.com will broaden your trip-planning scope as it delves into affordable, sunny, warm winter getaway spots in Spain, Morroco, Cyprus, Cape Verde and Egypt.

Great insider tips are provided on each destination which will further whet your appetite for exploring somewhere new and different this winter for some cheap sun.


Need a Cheap Getaway, But Don’t Know Where? Use Google Flights Explore

logo for Google Flights one of the ways to plan a cheap winter getawayMany travel planners have fallen in love with Google Flights Explore. It’s a feature of Google Flights, the cheap flights travel search engine that many travel bugs consider to be the best on the web.

What’s so cool about it?

With Google Flights Explore you just type in the month or dates you would like to travel, hit return and Google Flights Explore will spit back all the flight deals and destinations available for that time frame. This article by thriftytraveler.com walks you through the steps and more.


Head South – Drive Someone Else’s Car

woman having a cheap winter getaway by driving somone elses car down to FloridaOne way to fund a cheap winter getaway is to deliver someone’s vehicle from Canada to their winter home in places like Florida, Arizona and California.

Often you’re driving a nice car in good condition too as the majority of the customers are retired people. Your gas is covered plus, you get paid; the exact amount will depend on the type of vehicle and the destination.

This article from the Hamilton Spectator provides a firsthand account of what it’s like to be a driver, the expectations, the money you can make and includes links to companies you can contact to become a driver.

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