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Guide to pet-friendly RV rentals in Canada

Planning to explore Canada by RV but want to bring your furry friend with you? You’re not the only one. That’s why there are lots of pet-friendly RV rentals available throughout Canada. But how do you find RV rentals that allow pets? Read on and discover how to track one down.

How to find a pet-friendly RV rental in Canada

There are a few ways to find pet-friendly RVs for rent when you want to tour the Great White North.

1) Search on Google using the term “pet-friendly RV rental companies” and review each company’s individual website to see what types of vehicles they have available.

2) Or save yourself a lot of time by reviewing what’s available at each RV rental company at the same time by using, an RV rental booking website.

It allows you to see what pet-friendly RV rentals are available at all of the major Canadian RV rental companies, including: Canadream, CruiseCanada (CruiseAmerica), Fraserway RV and Four Seasons RV Rentals by Fraserway.

To find a pet-friendly RV rental on follow these steps:

  • Enter the country, pick-up city, type of RV you want to rent and your travel dates.
  • Then hit “search”. The next screen will show the results.
  • Now, on the left hand side you’ll see a variety of filters including “pet friendly”. Click this box.
  • The search results will refresh and now only show pet-friendly RV rentals.

3) Rent directly from an RV owner using

Many RV owners travel with their pets. It only makes sense that they would allow you to bring along your pet if you rented their RV. makes it easy for you to connect with owners who have RV rentals that are pet-friendly. The first step is to go to their website’s home page:

  • You’ll be asked for your rental location, travel dates, and how many guests.
  • When you click on “Guests” you will be prompted to provide the number of adults and children and whether there will be any pets along for the ride.
  • Indicate “Pets,” and hit the search button.
  • The results that appear will now all be pet-friendly RV rentals by owner.

Why is a pet fee charged when you rent a pet-friendly RV?

If you’ve decided to bring you household pet on your RV adventure, the rental will usually cost you more money. The charge comes in the form of a pet fee.

The pet fee on a pet-friendly RV rental is to cover the additional cleaning and maintenance costs that result after accommodating a pet in the vehicle.

As you know pets can leave behind hair, odor and stains which require extra cleaning and sanitation efforts to maintain the condition of the RV for future renters.

The pet fee helps offset these expenses and ensures that the RV remains in excellent condition for the next people who book it.

How much extra does a pet-friendly RV rental cost?

The amount of the pet fee charged on a pet-friendly RV rental varies with each RV rental company. Here is a quick breakdown of what the major RV rental companies in Canada and RV owners on charge for their pet fee.

  • Canadream: $350 pet fee + $600 cleaning fee for pets.
  • Cruise Canada: Pets are welcome but the customer agrees to clean up after their pet and return the unit in the same condition as received, or be subject to a cleaning fee up to $250.
  • Fraserway RV: $200 per pet.
  • Four Seasons RV Rentals by Fraserway: $200 per pet.
  • The pet fee is determined by each individual owner. However, in most cases there is no additional pet fee charged–it is just part of the cleaning fee the owner was already charging.

How to save on a pet-friendly RV rental in Canada

Generally speaking, the most affordable route to booking a pet-friendly RV rental is by renting directly from an RV owner through

Compared to renting from an RV rental company, will save you up to 40% on the cost of renting. In addition, most of the owners whose RVs are for rent on DO NOT charge an additional pet fee.

If your preference is to book a pet-friendly RV rental from a company, you’re likely to get the best price if you book it through


Because negotiates exclusive deals with Canadian RV rental companies so often they have a better price than if you were to book directly with the RV rental company.

Another thing offers is a Price Beat Guarantee. If you see a better price on another website, send them the quote and they will match or beat it.

Of course, there are more ways to save on the cost of a pet-friendly RV rental in Canada. They range from:

  • Early booking promotional discounts.
  • Travelling during the spring or fall when RV rental prices are cheaper.
  • Book a relocation RV rental which can cost as little as a $1 a day!

You can get additional details on these ways to save on your pet-friendly RV rental and learn about more ways to save by reading our article “11 Ways to Get a Cheap RV Rental in Canada”.

Booking a pet-friendly RV rental in Canada comes down to preference

Just like deciding whether to take your pet on vacation with you or not is a personal preference so is the avenue you choose for booking a pet-friendly RV rental.

If you’re comfortable with the idea of renting directly from an RV owner through, you’ll be able to get a pet-friendly RV rental at up to 40% less and probably have no additional pet fee to pay.

If you prefer the peace of mind of booking a pet-friendly RV rental from a well-established Canadian company, and don’t mind paying the additional cost of a pet fee and/or pet cleaning fee, than is the solution for you since they often have better pricing than the rental companies themselves.

Enjoy your Canadian RV adventure with your pet!


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