banner image for the Ultimate Buckhorn Tour one of the cheap and unique things to do in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Ultimate Buckhorn Tour: A unique thing to do in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Cottage country entertainment for only $12.99

Looking for a unique and affordable thing to do while visiting Buckhorn, Ontario in the Kawartha Lakes? At a thrifty $12.99 + HST, the self-guided Ultimate Buckhorn Tour is the perfect solution.

Buckhorn is a hamlet in the Kawartha Lakes area, which naturally begs the question, “Is it even possible to have enough great material to put together a self-guided tour of Buckhorn?”

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Featuring 17 points of interest

Turns out there’s much more to Buckhorn, Ontario than just being the home of Lock 31, one of the busiest locks on the Trent-Severn Waterway.

“We were amazed at the number of awesome stories, intriguing landmarks, memorable characters and interesting facts we discovered while conducting research for the writing of the Ultimate Buckhorn Tour,” says Mike Friskney, spokesperson for Call of the Kawarthas, the company responsible for the tour.

There was so much great material that the Ultimate Buckhorn Tour boasts 17 points of interest.

“Buckhorn may be this small hamlet nestled in the Kawarthas, but it has an entertaining past, big time. Because of this the Ultimate Buckhorn Tour is a humorous, entertaining and interesting thing to do.”

A tour designed for a variety of people

One of the goals had when putting together the self-guided, Ultimate Buckhorn Tour was to make it an appealing activity for various audiences.

“We wrote the Ultimate Buckhorn Tour with three target audiences in mind,” says Mike Friskney.

“We think long-time cottagers and locals from the area will find the tour appealing as a new, unique thing to do in Buckhorn when family or friends come visiting.”

“For first-time visitors and tourists, the tour is a great way to discover Buckhorn while they’re in town.”

“And for new residents to the area, the tour provides a nice introduction to Buckhorn.”

All you need is your smartphone to take the tour

The Ultimate Buckhorn Tour is a self-guided tour that you take by using your smart phone. The cost of the tour is $12.99 + HST.