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Cheap Trips from Toronto: use YYZ Deals to Find Best Flight Deals

What’s the best way to start a trip off right? By finding a great deal on your flight first, of course.

For thrifty tourists that will be departing from Toronto Pearson International Airport or the Billy Bishop Airport in downtown Toronto, one of the best sources for finding great flight deals and cheap trips from Toronto is a website called YYZ Deals.

Affordable Hotels in the Heart of Toronto

Bond Place Hotel , close to Dundas Square.

Hotel Victoria Downtown, excellent location.

Super 8 Downtown Toronto, comfortable and value-packed.

Holiday Inn Express Toronto – Downtown, free hot breakfast bar.

Prefer a Vacation Rental? Check out your options

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Leverage the Money-saving Advice of a Fellow Traveller

YYZ Deals is owned and managed by Chris Myden. Chris is just like you—a travel enthusiast, except he also has a background in computer science.

Chris combined his two passions and started exploring ways to scope out the best flight deals and cheap trips from his home city, Toronto. He shares what he finds on his YYZ Deals blog and Facebook page.

Chris promises to only post something when it’s a truly amazing travel deal. He has stayed true to his word and as a result the YYZ Deals Facebook page has over 250,000 loyal followers and his YYZ Deals website has expanded to include the best flight deals not only leaving from Toronto but a host of other Canadian cities as well.

Chris’s reputation has also earned him blogging assignments with the National Post, Vancouver Sun and Sympatico.ca.

How to use YYZ Deals to Find Cheap Toronto Flights

To find the best flight deals and cheap trips from Toronto on the YYZ Deals website just scroll through the cheap flights and vacation deals listed on the home page.

To ensure you never miss another flight deal or cheap trip from Toronto, sign up to receive YYZ Deals email alerts or follow YYZ Deals on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

Check Out the Guides Section Too

Another great feature worth checking out on the YYZ Deals website is the guides section.

Click on the GUIDES tab in the website’s menu bar and you’ll find Chris Myden’s advice on how to get the best deal from Toronto on flights, hotel packages and all-inclusive vacation packages for specific destinations.

Chris’s analysis is very thorough and insightful. For example read through his “Toronto to New York – How to Get the Best Flight Deals” guide and you’ll learn things like:

  • how to search for best flight prices from both Toronto Airports and all three New York airports at the same time
  • why he prefers Google Flights Explorer as his cheap flights search tool
  • whether last minute flights to New York are a bargain or not
  • what he considers to be a deal for a flight from Toronto to New York City
  • is it cheaper to drive to a US city like Buffalo or Niagara Falls and fly to New York City from there?

Read one of the “How to Get the Best Deal” guides on YYZ Deals and you will definitely feel better equipped to make the travel decisions you’ll need to make in order to put together a cheap flight and vacation package from Toronto.

Chris Shares some of His Best Travel Tips

After all of the time he has spent analyzing travel information over the years, Chris has some great advice to extend to his fellow travel aficionados. Here are some of his gems:

Search with Google Flights Explorer: in Chris’s experience, it the easiest to use travel search engine when you’re trying to source the best deal on a flight from Toronto. Plus, remember, Google paid millions of dollars for access to the airlines’ airfare data.

Be flexible: when searching for the best deal on a flight from Toronto, be flexible with your departure and return dates by three or four days. Sometimes a difference of a single day can equal attractive savings on a flight, hotel accommodations and packages and all-inclusive vacations.

Last-minute flights don’t equal last-minute deals: After years of conducting travel research and analysis, Chris has found that 99% of the time, cheap, last-minute flights from Toronto don’t exist. In most cases, a last-minute flight is almost always expensive.

Don’t fly when everyone else is: It makes sense that when demand is high, so will be the prices. That’s why one of the simplest ways to score a cheap flight and travel deals from Toronto is to avoid booking during high-demand times such as statutory holidays, winter break and school vacation times.

How long should you wait before you books: If you come across what you think is the best, cheap flight from Toronto but wonder if it still might go down even further, watch it and then book it around two months (8 weeks) before the departure date. Chris has found that, generally, it’s around this 8 week mark, that airfare prices start to move up.

Don’t rely on just Chris for finding money-saving flight deals from Toronto: follow the YYZ Deals Facebook group too where over 250,000 fellow frugal travellers share great travel deals and advice with one another.

Be thrifty and practical! This information was accurate when published, but can change without notice. We recommend you confirm all details with the provider in question before planning your excursion.